Sunday, December 4, 2011

My New Tangle - 'Helicopters'

The inspiration for my tangle 'Helicopters' came from my daughter's video game! There were these weird flying contraptions with jagged, spinning 'blades' on their undersides. They reminded me of those maple tree seeds that you can throw in the air and as they fall, look like helicopters.

This tangle begins with the ever-popular grid of dots. Connect the dots with alternating crescent shapes, vertically and horizontally (I turn my tile so I'm always working vertically). I then start to draw the 'blades' on each concave side, turning my tile 180 degrees to do the other side of concave shapes. Then I turn my tile 90 degrees and repeat process (again, I'm working vertically).

This is the first tangle I've created, so I'm really excited about it! I hope you like it :)


  1. Oh yes, I saw this show up in the challenge last week and knew right away how it was done. I love it, it is relatively simple (when you remember to begin at EVERY OTHER intersection) and looks SO fabulous and free. I used it in my challenge #51 this week! and now that I have found your blog address again I will go edit my post and give you credit! Great tangle!

  2. Ah, I see where I departed from the directions. My eye saw the pattern the way I did it, not the way you had presented it. Isn't that interesting. My version has four blades radiating out from a single point. Your blades alternate. Yours is a more compact regularly repeating pattern, mine is more spaced out and the centers of the spinners are more spaced out, but sort of look like they are in motion. Get discovery

  3. This looks like fun. I can"t wait to try it.