Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Biggity With It!

This week The Diva challenged us to go big or go home! This was a tough one and I'm not sure that I was very successful. I decided to take a zentangle that I had just finished and enlarge a section of it.

The bottom of this tile looks like a Christmas Ham!! (Not intentional:)

Really weird, but interesting. By the way, the center tangle in the top tile is something I created this past weekend. I call it Helicopters, but maybe it's a tangleation of something else? Not sure, but I think it's really fun :)


  1. OOH - I'm liking this 'helicopters' I don't think I've seen it either. Step by step instructions please!

  2. Nice work! And "helicopters" is a good one.

  3. I like the new one too! I think I know how you did it, I may give it a try tonight!