Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Dabble Or Not To Dabble?

I Dab, Therefore I Am? No. Not quite. I Dabble, Therefore I Ammle? Even worse :) How about To Dabble or Not To Dabble? Hmm... that IS the question!

I've been a passionate dabbler my whole life, mostly in the arts, but sometimes I venture into other intriguing and irresistible subjects such as gemology, English history, and the always fun paranormal field. Dabbling enables me to keep my thirst for knowledge and learning alive. To me, learning is an art form, and needs to be practised daily. It is a necessary component to living; without it my inner spark is gone and my life becomes a boring canvas of inevitability.

However, I do sometimes feel a little guilty being a dabbler. The dictionary definition of dabble is: to work at anything in an irregular or superficial manner. Is it just me, or does this sound a bit negative? It's as though the world has judged me as a fly-by-night, inconsistent, shallow person who doesn't take her work seriously. Let me assure you, I AM a serious dabbler! (ooh, that didn't come out right)

Anyway, I am just saying NO to this negativity and have decided to celebrate my dabbling nature in this blog. I am, as always,

Dianne the Dabbler

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