Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative Collage

My last (and first:)) post talked about my love of learning. This goes hand in hand with my passion for creating. I enjoy dabbling in anything that is creative in nature: music, writing, designing jewelry, quilting, painting, etc.

I think we all need to be creative in some way in order to be completely fulfilled. God created us in His image, and since He is the ultimate Creator, it's only natural that we have that creative instinct inside us. I remember when I had a job in an accounting department, I would crunch numbers and send out invoices for eight hours a day. I happened to be writing a book at the time, and when I got home, even if I only wrote two sentences, I would feel such a sense of satisfaction and happiness!

I am now in the joyous throes of mixed-media art, namely, collage. (see above) I love using beautiful papers, fabrics, paint, markers, thread, and embellishments all in one crazy piece! In finishing my project, though, I learned a valuable lesson. Never attempt to brush a finishing layer of decoupage medium over colored markers; they will run. :( Instead, spray a thick layer of water-based polyurethane over top, and Bob's your uncle! I am, as always,

Dianne the Dabbler

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